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Living Between Buildings! Coming to a Building Near YouDecember 2014

Alley House - 5


In major cities the world over, more and more residents are opting to move into smaller properties as demand for urban lifestyles drives up property values globally. While metropolitan areas in Asia and Europe have long embraced so-called “micro-apartments,” cities stateside have been slow to implement these relatively compact residential units. However, as the real estate market continues to boom in the state with home values increasing in every large metro area, according to the latest reports from analytics group Zillow, architects and landlords are getting creative and constructing new spaces that will find tenants living surprisingly comfortably despite a lack of square footage. 

Report: Interior Design Matters When Selling a HomeDecember 2014

Selling - Open House


Recent reports have shown that the housing market is recovering at an extremely healthy tilt after the burst of the housing bubble in 2008. In fact, according to the recent Housing Market Recovery Index from real estate analytics firm RealtyTrac, parts of California are seeing property values increase in excess of 90 percent compared to their costs at the trough of the Great Recession, with the number of underwater mortgages significantly lower than the national average in central and southern regions of the state.

A Historical Property That Remains Untouched By TimeDecember 2014

Untouched - Brick Fireplace


Here in Southern California, the architectural styles of the homes that dot the landscape run the gamut. From historical Spanish Colonial villas in the valleys to ultra-modern beachfront mansions, buyers have the option to step back in time or embrace contemporary trends when it comes to choosing a house of their own.


Make Every Day a Vacation Through Los Angeles Interior DesignDecember 2014


While summer may be winding down to a close, many of us are still holding out hope that we won’t have to wait until next year to enjoy a pleasant escape from reality. The kids are going back to school, and you’re likely going to see your workload increase as fall rolls around. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the summery aesthetic you’ve embraced in your vacation home over the past few months.

A Look at Cindy Crawford’s Vacation VillaDecember 2014

Cindy Crawford - Villa Entry


Aside from the spectacular scenery of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Cindy Crawford’s vacation home also boasts the view of a well-known neighbor. That’s right, Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber share side-by-side villas with George Clooney. The friends decided to build the property after becoming captivated by the oceanfront years ago. It didn’t hurt that Los Cabos, located on the southern tip of the peninsula, was just a short plane ride from Los Angeles.

Restaurant Design Has Big Impact on CustomersDecember 2014

Restaurants - Oyster Bar


When it comes to restaurant design, those who work in the hospitality industry know that atmosphere is one of the most important features that attract customers. New-age diners are looking for more than just a tasty meal – they want to be treated to a memorable experience that they can’t get at home. Restaurants that have a layout and decorating scheme complementing the food they serve stand out from those that have a standard interior style. 

Can A Bathroom Be Artistic?December 2014

Artsy Bathrooms - JMKArts


While you wouldn’t typically think of the bathroom as a stylish space, these top toilets may prove you wrong. Bathroom supply company Cintas has revealed 10 finalists in its “America’s Best Bathroom” contest. The competition is solely open to public restrooms in America.


Here are five of the top 10 prestigious powder rooms from across the nation.


Inside Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s Eco-Friendly MansionDecember 2014

Giselle&Tom - Pool


Yesterday we spoke about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s British pad, and today we’ll take a look a stylish American couple’s home: the sleek $20 million California mansion belonging to super model Gisele Bündchen and pro football player Tom Brady.

A Castle Built for American RoyaltyDecember 2014

Boldt Castle - Exterior


Looking at Boldt Castle on Heart Island in Upstate New York, you may think that you have been suddenly transported to the heart of the Rhineland, as this waterfront estate resembles the expansive palaces of fairytale aristocracy moreso than a summer retreat along the St. Lawrence River. 

Kansas Public Library Takes a New Spin on Institutional DesignDecember 2014

Kansas Public Library - Ext2


In many major cities, the central public library is considered not just an important gathering place, but a distinct architectural landmark. From gigantic classical structures like the Boston Public Library to the Art Deco masterpiece that is the main branch of the Los Angeles Public Library system, these buildings have a gravitas and seriousness that establishes them as important cultural institutions. That’s why when the Kansas City Public Library commissioned a design for the garage of their system’s main branch that resembled a theme park attraction more than a center for learning, architecture critics were both stunned and intrigued.

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