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Celebrate Summer With These Fun Home Décor IdeasJanuary 2015



Although Southern California residents are fortunate enough to live in an area with relatively mild temperatures even in the heart of winter, it’s still nice to celebrate the seasonal aspects of summer that people throughout the United States look forward to enjoying every year. At Caisson Studios, we love incorporating elements of our favorite seasons into our home decor. In this post, we’ll share some of this year’s hottest summer design ideas: 

3 Tips For Creating a Color Scheme in Your HomeJanuary 2015



When it comes to decorating a home, interior designers will tell you that one of the most important aspects of this process consists of choosing a color scheme. As you might imagine, this task can certainly feel overwhelming, which is why we’re going to share some important tips that will make it a bit easier:

Chintz is Making a Comeback in Interior DesignJanuary 2015



After many years of minimalism, signs keep showing up that indicate that the pendulum of interior design is swinging back toward more detail. One of the clearest indications of this is the reemergence of chintz in home decor. 

Decorating With Shells Can Bring the Idea of Summer into Your House Year RoundJanuary 2015



One of the best things about summer is that it’s more enjoyable to spend time outside. Even here in Southern California, where it’s beautiful year-round, there’s something about summer that makes even Angelinos head to the beach before school is back in session come September.

Showcase Art You’re Proud of Inside Your HomeJanuary 2015



When you’ve just moved into a dorm room or first apartment, the idea of decorating the walls can be a daunting prospect. Because of a combined lack of funds and understanding of their personal taste, many people choose to adorn their walls with expected decor items like posters, photos of friends and large tapestries. At Caisson Studios, we tend to notice the same tropes hanging on the walls of the homes of young people all over.

Save Money During a Redesign by Choosing to Reupholster FurnitureJanuary 2015


Redecorating is an undoubtedly exciting prospect for so many of us. Much of the time, doing this is a wonderful way to signify that you’re finally doing well enough to afford “grown up” furniture, and can really improve the beauty of your space in general. After a while, you may find that your current decor is no longer in style or indicative of your personal tastes, which is another sign that it could be time for you to redecorate.


International Style: The Rich History of the Russborough HouseJanuary 2015



Throughout history, there have always been differences between new and old money. As the stereotypes go, those who come from old money are better adjusted in spending and preserving their fortunes, and far less flamboyant about the items that they buy and the amount of money that they spend on them. While these are surely generalizations, what they say about new money holds true in the case of Joseph Leeson. 

Los Angeles Style: A Carpinteria Beach RetreatJanuary 2015



As Los Angeles interior designers, we know that there is a certain Southern California aesthetic that can be hard to put your finger on. No matter what makes this style up, it usually mixes in Midcentury modern furnishings, a relaxed atmosphere and a few bright colors in unexpected places.  This week, popular home decor and style website Apartment Therapy is putting a focus on the unique design aesthetic that’s found in and around L.A., beginning with a home in Carpinteria. 

Retail Spectacle: Moda Operandi’s NY HeadquartersJanuary 2015



The widespread use of the internet has made so many things more widely available in recent years. Whether it’s information, a rare book or even groceries, it’s possible to find just about anything you need online. And for lovers of runway fashions, the internet has made every designer’s entire collection visible to the public even while fashion week is still going on. Now, rather than waiting to see if their favorite pieces make it to the department store months later, e-commerce site Moda Operandi enables stylish women to pre-order anything they want from a designer collection as soon as they see it. 

No More Storage Space? Look Up for More Storage Opportunities?January 2015



If you are in need of more storage in your home or apartment, you might have realized that your problem is not one that furniture can fix. In some homes, there is simply a lack of closet space and other built-in options, making it difficult to find a place for all of your belongings. In some cases, no amount of garage sales will fix your clutter problem. In these cases, it’s time to call in Caisson Studios.

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