Designing With NeutralsMarch 2015



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Beige doesn’t have to be boring.


Designing with color is always a great way to bring a pop into any home or interior space. Color attracts the eye and triggers a rapid response from our brains. But, not everyone enjoys decorating his or her space with color. Neutrals can bring in just the same amount of excitement into a room as color can, by way of textures, layers, and accents. Especially here in Southern California, people love neutral rooms with natural textures. Continue below for 5 nifty tips for securing the perfect neutral space.


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1) Don’t Eliminate Pattern – Patterns can bring graphic interest to a room, and make things not look so drab, especially in a neutral driven design. Varying colors of greys, beiges, browns, tans, and griege in different patterns can be layered together to bring comfort and personality. Natural woven materials already have their own textures that are subtle enough to couple with bolder patterns.


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2) Incorporate Texture – This can be the best part of a neutral room. Natural fiber rugs can bring warmth to the floor, and layering different textures of blankets, pillows, and fabrics can really add interest into any space. In a kitchen, textures can shine through a back splash or by dried foods, beautifully displayed in glass jars.


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3) Add warm metals – Gold, brass, and bronze are totally in right now. These are the elements that bring in warmth. A metal side table or a lighting fixture can bring in contrast while also adding a touch of glamor.


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4) Add a living element – Plants can bring in a pop of color and still be a natural element in the room. Indoor plants should be easy to care for such as succulents or cacti.


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5) Make a Statement with Art – Large-scale artwork can add personality into any room. As long as the color scheme isn’t too colorful, it can still make a statement. Go for simplicity and even a collage of photos with varying wooden frames will add both graphic and texture into the room!


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Head on over to our online portfolio and see how the designers at Caisson Studios engage in neutral designs. Or, give us a call and speak to us directly about any project ideas you may have!

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