Dr. AshjianMarch 2015

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Dr. Ashjian’s office is a 2500 square foot medical office located in Glendale, California that includes 3 private offices and 4 exam rooms, as well as central reception area. The client specifically wanted an industrial style that did not look like the typical medical office. The challenges of the space were the shape and space planning, and the extremely high 16’ ceilings with exposed features.


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The space is originally shaped like an obscure triangle with one very wide side and one very narrow. The desire was to create two 9’ tall volumes to house the private spaces on either side of the center area while visually tying them together with specific materials but also still allowing natural light to reach the center.


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The central reception space is the main connector between the two volumes using the same materials and forms. The central space is used for two different seating areas for the reception, and the ceilings are painted black to distract from their nearly 2-story space and exposed elements.


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The materials and fixtures used are definitely the highlight of this space. Reclaimed wood, metal, glass, and brick veneer, and polished concrete are so drastically different than what typical medical offices tend to choose materiality wise, but that is what makes the space so unique. Attention to the materials such as the directionality of the reclaimed wood tie the space together, but also allow the spaces to be highlighted differently and help the forms to flow throughout. The final design is uniquely surprising for its use, but still elegant and refined. Very special attention was given to the materiality, as most of the materiality is the spotlight of the space.


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We desire to create spaces that cater to our clients needs. Our designers can make a typical space memorable with surprising textures and materials, and innovative concepts so that your home or business can suit you personally, or even make you stand out from the rest. Visit the Caisson Studios portfolio to see how we can change your space as well!

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