ModShop’s Mid-Century Modern Retreats in Palm Springs, CA



For most Californians you ask, they’ll say their life motto is, “Work hard, play harder.”


ModShop’s owners and designers, John and Taryn Bernard do exactly this. For over 16 years the duo developed a custom furniture company once called Room Service, which has now transformed into the brand ModShop. For them, it’s not just about selling furniture and eclectic accessories, but about selling a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

Painting Wooden Furniture for Home DesignSeptember 2014

 Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.47.19 AM


When your budget is tight (or even when it’s not!), buying older, second hand wooden furniture can be a fantastic way to stretch it and improve your design. But don’t worry – those chipped and battered chairs and tables don’t need to look the way they do. See beyond their initial state and imagine what they could be like if they were painted beautifully!


Amazing StaircasesSeptember 2014



If there is more than one floor in your home, the likelihood is that you are going to need stairs to reach the higher ones. Installing a lift might be fun, but it’s not entirely practical, so stairs are the way to go. But don’t think that stairs are just… stairs. There is (or can be) much more to them than that. Stairs can be beautiful, creative, and practical. Here are some examples of amazing staircase design ideas to get you thinking!


Green Kitchen DesignSeptember 2014

Green Kitchen 1


Being environmentally responsible is an important part of many people’s lives. But is it possible to design a complete home renovation with environmentally friendly products? Absolutely! One of the best places to implement your new design is in the kitchen, and today Caisson Studios is going to bring you some tips on designing and implementing a green kitchen in your home.


Beach House DesignSeptember 2014

Beach House Design


Bright and breezy, light and airy, beach house style is a great way to give your home the lift it needs if the dull and dreary winter (or summer) has taken its toll on your property and your mood. If you’re looking for a new way to decorate, beach house style is modern, attractive, and easy to do.


So how to start? What are the basics when it comes to this simple residential remodel? Read on to find out!


Designing a Feature WallSeptember 2014

Feature Wall - Caisson


Feature walls are a wonderful way to spruce up an otherwise tired room without needing to redecorate all of it. You can really focus on just one aspect of the design, and make it perfect. If the rest of the room still needs a bit of paint, don’t worry – your friends and family will be so impressed with your feature wall that they won’t even notice! Read on for some great tips for designing your own feature wall from Caisson Studios.


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