ModShop’s Mid-Century Modern Retreats in Palm Springs, CA



For most Californians you ask, they’ll say their life motto is, “Work hard, play harder.”


ModShop’s owners and designers, John and Taryn Bernard do exactly this. For over 16 years the duo developed a custom furniture company once called Room Service, which has now transformed into the brand ModShop. For them, it’s not just about selling furniture and eclectic accessories, but about selling a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

Use Wood in The Kitchen For a Contemporary FeelFebruary 2015



The kitchen is an undeniably important part of the house. Family members tend to congregate here to chat about their days and spend time together, since this is where the food is kept. Perhaps because of how frequently used it is, it’s also very common for homeowners to want to renovate their kitchens periodically to improve the quality of finishes, layouts and appliances. This leads to the fact that kitchen trends move fast. It seems that there’s always a new popular type of tile, color of appliance or material for counters. 

Craving Something More Unique? Go With An Accent CeilingFebruary 2015



Deciding on the prevailing design scheme for your home can be a difficult challenge. After all, you want to make sure that your interior comes together and looks nice, but few people want their house to include items straight out of a catalog. This is why most homeowners struggle to make sure that their house both reflects their unique taste and looks nice.


3 Essential Elements of an EntrywayFebruary 2015



It’s possible that you’ve never given much thought to your entryway. After all, it’s easy to assume that this space doesn’t need any special decor attention, as it is not a fully functioning room. However, as interior designers in Los Angeles, we know that underestimating the power of an entryway is one of the biggest design mistakes that many homeowners make. Not only is this space the first part of your house that guests will see, but you can also be happier and more organized by paying attention to this part of the residence.

Divide Your Open Floor Plan to Make the Most in a SpaceFebruary 2015

 Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.19.36 PM


Over the past few decades, the open plan living space has really taken off in the United States. Building technology no longer require quite so many walls and structural beams to keep a structure standing, so many builders have made the decision to simply go without them. Bedrooms and bathrooms are still typically private for obvious reasons, but it’s quite common to see the entire first level of a home be a single space that serves multiple functions.

Stylish Storage Can Make All the Difference In a BedroomFebruary 2015



There’s no doubt that many of us prefer the idea of a functional and serene bedroom. Ideally, this is a place that you can retire to at the end of a long day, where you will be able to relax and sleep easily without any distractions. Too often, though, the messes from day to day life end up accumulating on the floor, on the foot of the bed and along every available surface, creating an unappealing visual and interrupting the flow of energy in the space. Instead of a quiet locality, the bedroom can actually be more stressful than the rest of the house.


Gain Inspiration From A Frank Lloyd Wright ClassicFebruary 2015



Renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with more than 500 individual houses in the United States, having developed his own style that greatly influenced the modernists that came after him. Wright pioneered the Prairie style house, as well as the Usonian home. Whether he was working in a style that was his own, or creating something more classical, the designer is known for beautiful structures that both stood out and complemented the nature around him.

Built in Storage can Transform an InteriorFebruary 2015



For those who have recently moved into a new space, organization is often the biggest challenge. The temptation to unpack the essentials and leave many other items in their moving boxes until you absolutely need them can be irresistible for many people, who find that trying to find a place for everything can just lead to a bigger mess later on. This happens most often in smaller spaces, where storage can be at a premium, and there simply isn’t room to comfortably fit all possessions.

Bring Old Hollywood Glamor Into Your House Through Art DecoFebruary 2015



As interior designers in Los Angeles, we often draw from the history of the region when coming up with the concept for a particular room or house. While a modern aesthetic tends to be most popular in this part of the state today, many of our clients crave something more elegant, sumptuous and evocative of a bygone era.


Most people refer to the “Golden Age of Hollywood” as spanning from the late 1920s on through the 1950s. In home decor, Art Deco interiors were very popular. Therefore, to really make an impact through old Hollywood style, Art Deco decor is generally employed. This can be done through high-shine items, like luxurious silk or velvet window treatments, as well as high gloss paint. Mirrored and architectural furnishings and fine wood pieces are also a part of this aesthetic.

Celebrate Summer With These Fun Home Décor IdeasJanuary 2015



Although Southern California residents are fortunate enough to live in an area with relatively mild temperatures even in the heart of winter, it’s still nice to celebrate the seasonal aspects of summer that people throughout the United States look forward to enjoying every year. At Caisson Studios, we love incorporating elements of our favorite seasons into our home decor. In this post, we’ll share some of this year’s hottest summer design ideas: 

3 Tips For Creating a Color Scheme in Your HomeJanuary 2015



When it comes to decorating a home, interior designers will tell you that one of the most important aspects of this process consists of choosing a color scheme. As you might imagine, this task can certainly feel overwhelming, which is why we’re going to share some important tips that will make it a bit easier:

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