ModShop’s Mid-Century Modern Retreats in Palm Springs, CA



For most Californians you ask, they’ll say their life motto is, “Work hard, play harder.”


ModShop’s owners and designers, John and Taryn Bernard do exactly this. For over 16 years the duo developed a custom furniture company once called Room Service, which has now transformed into the brand ModShop. For them, it’s not just about selling furniture and eclectic accessories, but about selling a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

Shades of Grey Are Popular in the HomeNovember 2014

Grey Interiors - Mancave


Although gray has been showing up in pop culture lately–with the fame of the novel “50 Shades of Grey” and the prevalence of Hollywood actors like George Clooney and Matt LeBlanc opting to keep their natural hair colors—the hue has been prevalent in the design world for a long time. The hue’s popularity goes back to the mid-twentieth century, when influencers such as style icon Christian Dior used the color in his salons to make his colorful creations pop. Dior loved the color so much that paint company Benjamin Moore even named a lacquer “Dior Gray.” Within the past decade, designers have gained a continuing appreciation of this complex hue that allows them to both create a neutral background and eye-catching accents.

Top 7 Designers to Watch in 2015November 2014



Rue Magazine is releasing its 2nd Annual “Top 7 Young Designers to Watch” for 2015! They are proud to put these young designers in the spotlight as they are truly shaping the future of design. They are the definition of “the future is looking bright” as they each come with unique ideas and perspectives, and a whole lot of style. Read below for the full list of the 7 Young Designers we should all be keeping an eye on this year!

Modern Technology Shapes the Idea of Home DesignNovember 2014

Changing Shape - Minimalist TV2


As we move further into the 21st century, home design keeps getting sleeker and sleeker. In addition to the ever popular “skinny furniture” in terms of aesthetic, we no longer need clunky items that once housed larger forms of technology, including elaborate entertainment centers and computers.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior DesignerNovember 2014

Hiring A Professional - Monte Verde


Are you hesitant to tackle a large-scale home decorating project by yourself? That’s what the expert Los Angeles interior designers at Caisson Studios are here for. We can implement projects in your home, ranging from complicated kitchens to stylish bathrooms. Design and architecture website spelled out just some of the benefits to hiring a pro to complete your renovations.

Interior Design Inspiration for the Boutique Hotel Style at HomeNovember 2014

Boutique Hotel - Bed2


Boutique hotels have been one of the fastest growing sectors of the hotel industry over the past decade and, judging by their popularity, that growth is likely to continue. The term boutique was first applied to a hotel by the owner of the original Morgans Hotel in Manhattan, and the concept behind it was a simple one; to provide guests with a complete lifestyle experience. This was achieved, as it is in most boutique hotels, by employing top interior designers and artisans, and creating unique interiors that appeal to a guest’s sense of exclusive good taste.

Art Deco Design at the Claridges HotelNovember 2014

The Claridges Hotel - Lobby2


Art Deco has such a wonderful, poetic ring to it. It’s a beautiful phrase, and when done correctly by professional interior designers (like those at Caisson Studios), it is a stunning way to decorate and live. Art deco is loved by millions, and is a unique and instantly recognizable artistic and design movement.


Art Deco first appeared in France in the early twentieth century. Post World War 1 people were tired of austerity and death, and wanted something brighter, more interesting, and completely different, to surround them in their homes and work places. Thus the Art Deco movement was born.

A Natural Tendency Towards Interior DesignNovember 2014

Eco Home - Tree Trunks


There’s nothing particularly new about using natural materials in the home. Indeed, before we became industrialized and able to produce materials, we didn’t have the option of using laminates for flooring and kitchen surfaces, polyester fabrics for window dressings and bedding, or particle board and plastic for our furniture. How did we ever survive before interior designers and manufactured materials?


Not only did we survive, but we prospered. In need of a kitchen table, the man of the house would craft one by hand, using raw wood, cut and assembled according to traditional woodworking methods, passed down through generations.

Ideas for Using Carpet in Creative Interior DesignNovember 2014

Rugs - Runners


Gone are the days when the ubiquitous fitted carpet ruled the roost. Rugs, seen for so long as optional extras, now happily take center stage in many a modern home interior design project. A well-chosen rug can be used to make a statement about your aesthetic and artistic preferences, it can act as a space divider, and it can instantly change the mood of your room. The continuing popularity of solid flooring is a boon for rug manufacturers, since it seems all but the most minimal of minimalists are unable to resist the idea of covering just a portion of that expanse of floor with a rug.

Tips on Creating a Top Quality KitchenNovember 2014

Kitchen - Stone


Homeowners tend to overlook the importance of a quality kitchen. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a top chef, creating an inviting, clean, and fully equipped cooking area can not only motivate you to try new recipes, but can also increase the value of your house. Check out some helpful tips on how to improve your kitchen, reported by Architectural Digest.

Design Tricks to Make a Room Appear BiggerNovember 2014

Larger Room - Furniture


Sometimes there is just no getting around the fact that rooms are small. Dimensions of the property, the footprint, and the size of other rooms around it. Nobody wants to feel as if they’re living in a tiny, uncomfortable space. At Caisson Studios we have tricks we use to make a room appear bigger than it is. Modern interior designers have been doing this for years. They fool the eye, and make the room look bigger than it is. Read on to learn how it’s done.

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