ModShop’s Mid-Century Modern Retreats in Palm Springs, CA



For most Californians you ask, they’ll say their life motto is, “Work hard, play harder.”


ModShop’s owners and designers, John and Taryn Bernard do exactly this. For over 16 years the duo developed a custom furniture company once called Room Service, which has now transformed into the brand ModShop. For them, it’s not just about selling furniture and eclectic accessories, but about selling a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

Sleek, Skinny, and Sexy Furniture is A Top TrendNovember 2014

Skinny Mod - Sofa


Is it time to put your furniture on a diet? If you want to follow this fall’s trend, you may want to consider incorporating thin furniture into your Los Angeles home. Today, homeowners are opting to replace their oversized couches and chairs in favor of sleeker décor. Although this trend parallels what consumers see in the ever-so-thin fashion world, it also dates back to decades ago, when mod styles were popular and chairs and end tables with metal legs were all the rage. Additionally, this movement is influenced by European styles, which also make use of thin frames and sleek finishes.

How to Design For the Victorian LookOctober 2014

modern victorian3


The Victorian Period lasted from 1837 to 1901. These sixty-four years are incredibly important for so many reasons, not least of which is beautiful architecture and stunning design. Today we’re going to take a look at how to use interior design to achieve the Victorian look in your own home.


When it comes to a residential remodel, why not go back in time and design your home around Victorian ideas and styles? It’s a great way to use reclaimed materials, while at the same time creating something interesting and different to the standard beige palette pack that seems to be everywhere. Read on to learn how to achieve this unique style.

Give Your Bath a Spa MakeoverOctober 2014

Spa Bathroom - Freestanding Tub


Everyone likes to indulge once in a while. A great way to unwind from a long day is to soak even longer in a luxurious bath. Does your bathroom need a makeover? Try taking a few tips from actress Olivia Wilde on how to create a spa-like oasis in your home. Two years ago, the star’s California home sold for over $3 million. Her bachelorette pad boasted a breathtaking master bath, equipped with the following luxuries of a spa:

The Architectural Design of Disney’s Haunted MansionOctober 2014

Haunted Mansion - 1960s


In the spirit of Halloween, today we’ll take a look at the architecture and interior design that was used to create Disneyland’s famous Haunted Mansion. The ride, which opened in 1969, has welcomed generations of fans and even inspired a 2003 film by the same name.

Designing the Perfect Front DoorOctober 2014

Front Door - Teal


House design is not all about interiors. Although the interior is the area that will be used most, the part that friends and family will admire, you shouldn’t forget that the outside of your home is just as important to get right. No one wants to pull up outside a shabby house, no matter what that fabulous interior designer has done inside. Your house needs to look inviting and cared for.


One easy way accomplish this while avoiding a full remodel is to treat yourself to a new (or redesigned) front door. What could offer a better way to show your own design choices and personality? The front door is the portal to your beautiful home, so let’s make it just as beautiful as the rest of your home. Read on for three things to consider when choosing a front door.

Design Perfection In An Opera HouseOctober 2014

Sydney Opera House 1


Mention the Sydney Opera House, and everyone immediately pictures the beautiful curves and impressive architecture of the famous building in Australia. It is iconic, known the world over, emulated and used as inspiration for designers from Los Angeles to London.


Design Tips For Using WallpaperOctober 2014

Wallpaper - Geometric



There was a time when modern interior designers viewed wallpaper as out of date, and when time to do a residential remodel they would avoid it, preferring to paint walls rather than paper them.



Times have changed! Wallpaper is back in fashion, and it’s bigger, better, and bolder than ever before. Prints and patterns, blocks of color, geometric shapes, even inspirational quotes and song lyrics! What’s the perfect way to use wallpaper at home? Read on for tips on using wallpaper in your home.



3 Steps For a Relaxing BathroomOctober 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.21.57 PM


When thoughts of modern luxury design cross your mind, what rooms do you think of? Living room. Bedroom. Dining room. Kitchen. Bathroom? The bathroom, despite being the place in which you spend much of your time, often gets left behind when it comes to interior design services. It is functional. It gets wet, and dirty, and messy. It’s not as if anyone hangs out there, unlike the kitchen, which is also functional, and wet, and dirty, and messy.


So why bother with it? Caisson Studios can help with that!

5 Easy DIY ProjectsOctober 2014

 We all know that feeling when, for whatever reason, you realize that your home could do with something new. It’s looking a little tired. Your old design no longer pleases the eye, and your mood dictates that things must move on.


Refurbishing your home to your exact standards is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do. Here are five easy DIY tasks that will enable you to put a little of yourself into your home.

Stylishly Festive: How to Transition your California Home into FallOctober 2014

Fall - Painted Pumpkins


Have you taken a trip to the farmer’s market lately? Well, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of pumpkins and fall flower arrangements. It’s official: Autumn has arrived. Even though the temperature doesn’t dip too much in Los Angeles, you can still transition your home and design scheme into fall. Check out a few helpful hints below and make sure to contact Caisson Studios today for more suggestions on how to renovate and redesign the aesthetic of your California home.

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