Retail Spectacle: Moda Operandi’s NY HeadquartersJanuary 2015



The widespread use of the internet has made so many things more widely available in recent years. Whether it's information, a rare book or even groceries, it's possible to find just about anything you need online. And for lovers of runway fashions, the internet has made every designer's entire collection visible to the public even while fashion week is still going on. Now, rather than waiting to see if their favorite pieces make it to the department store months later, e-commerce site Moda Operandi enables stylish women to pre-order anything they want from a designer collection as soon as they see it. 


The concept is certainly unique, and with a business model that enables consumers to curate their own personal style, it's no surprise that the company's New York City headquarters is equally unique.




Like any corporate office, you'll find a waiting room, conference area and private office for the executives, but Moda Operandi's New York location also puts a brick and mortar face on the online store. It is centered by a unique dressing room that was made up to look like a French salon, enabling clients to come in, try things on and have them tailored to fit their figure.




"We were always planning on having a dressing room for special alterations," founder Lauren Santo Domingo told Architectural Digest, which recently featured a tour of the headquarters on its website. "But we've been surprised by how many of our customers actually want that kind of exclusive treatment and tailoring."




In order for a retail layout to make sense and inspire customers to make big purchases, it has to be customized to your brand. At Caisson Studios, we specialize in retail consulting to help make your business into the comfortable environment you've always wanted.

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