Sugar FoodsMarch 2015

Sept 17 2014 Sugarfood Column Rev 1-5 SP


Sugar Foods is a multinational food products company located in Sun Valley, California that needed a redesign of their 2000 square foot merchandizing center to tailor to their clients specifically. In order to help the client attract more of their own consumers, showcase their sales, as well as increase client interaction with the assembly process, we used concepts driven from technology such as digitalization, while staying true to the manufacturing plant by being minimal and practical. Spaces needed were a large area for a working assembly line and storage, conference room, and adjacent supervisor offices.


A major obstacle we encountered while designing the space involved keeping the design aesthetically pleasing but also being extremely practical. We derived inspiration from tech companies like Apple and Microsoft and a clean, contemporary concept with a medium color contrast, in order to for their products to be the main concentration. Materials and colors were expected to be durable as well as flexible for all activities that need to occur in the space.


Space planning was a major concentration in the design process as it needed to be open and flexible, while still achieving the specific programs and adjacencies within the space. For example, the conference room location created a more or less visual impact whether it were directly adjacent to the manufacturing center or the break room.


Sept 17 2014 Sugarfood Column Rev 1-6 SP


Scheme 1 (chosen): View of assembly area (left) and adjacent conference center (right). The beige color on the walls and ceilings make the space cohesive, while also creating spaces for display and enclosing the conference a bit for privacy from factory foot-traffic.


Aug 04 2014 Sugarfood Scheme 3-6


Scheme 2: The dark contrast of the soffit and walls connect the space, while creating a more open and visible conference room on the right.


The supervisor’s offices needed to look into the assembly area while also being kept somewhat private for working. A more inviting and accessible entry space for clients was created in order to seamlessly connect the new areas needed to the warehouse and open up the space that was once full of walls and doors.


Sept 17 2014 Sugarfood Column Rev 1-4 SPSept 17 2014 Sugarfood Column Rev 1-8 SP


Supervisor's office adjacent to assembly area


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