Yo! Home – A Whole Home in One RoomMarch 2015

Yo Home _ Transformation


As the population of the world rises, people are not necessarily looking for larger living spaces. Many are downsizing based on available space, cost of living, and understanding practical living. However, do you think you can manage living comfortably in just ONE room?


Founder of Yo Sushi and Yotel, Simon Woodroffe believes family homes of the future will feature mechanized floors and furniture that will appear out of walls, floors, and ceilings to create multifunctional spaces at the touch of a button.


Yo Home _ Main Space


Launched at 100% Design in London, the Yo! Home prototype apartment squeezes a two bedroom house into a space large enough to be a studio apartment. The master bedroom can be lowered onto the living room, a dining table emerges from the floor, and even a breakfast nook appears from the walls as if magic were involved.


Yo Home_bed


It doesn’t just stop there. Walls can be reconfigured to a more open or closed layout according to the users liking. Woodroffe says, “Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. Yo! Home is that new invention. Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the transformation of an eighty square metre space, the size of a one bedroom apartment, into a much bigger home.”


Yo Home _ Living


Theater and exhibition specialists were brought in to assemble the moving parts, which give the apartment two bedrooms, two living rooms, a cinema, an office, a kitchen and dining room, a bathroom, and a wine cellar.


Yo Home_Guest


Yo Home _ Desk


Need to make your own home more multifunctional? Give Caisson Studios a call, or check out our online portfolio for some innovative inspirations!

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